Tuesday, 15 December 2015

NEARLY two months after the crash of a Russian plane in
Egypt, Cairo has countered Russian claim that the plane crash
was as a result of a bomb planted in the plane.
This followed reports from a preliminary investigation
conducted by Egyptian authorities into the crash which
occurred in Sinai.
In their preliminary reports Egyptian investigators said they
had not found anything to indicate a bomb was involved.
Aljazeera quoting a statement released on yesterday by
Ayman el-Muqadam said the investigation committee so far
had not found "any evidence" indicating foul play in the
October 31 downing of the plane, killing all 224 people
onboard, contradicting Russian and Western governments'
claims that the Metrojet was brought down by a bomb.
The investigators analysed the plane's 38 computers and two
engine computers and is currently checking the technical
details of the plane and repairs carried out since it was


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