Thursday, 31 December 2015

It’s hard to say what goes on in the mind of
inventors. Benjamin Franklin created a lot of
important items we still use today, but everyone
knows that guy was a bit of an oddball.
But that quirky mindset is what makes these
innovative thinkers so good at what they do and
keep our world constantly evolving. Which is why
you might think these inventions are a little strange
at first, but soon you’ll see they’re actually pretty
1.) Cardboard Bicycle
2.) Light Fueled By Dog Waste

3.) Doggie Highchair

4.) Heat Alert Dog Collar

5.) Air Conditioned Shoes

6.) Shower Microphone

7.) Obelisk Chairs

8.) Light Up Slippers

9.) Trongs Finger Food Utencsil

10.) Baby Stroller Scooter

11.) Car Pet Compartment

12.) Puppy Raincoat

13.) USB Pen


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