Friday, 18 December 2015

People just need to find the right thing to do to make
money and/or live a comfortable life and remove
their hands from bad things, because the end is
always terrible.
Sources say this guy is a yahoo boy who's living large
from other people's sweat. Unfortunately for him, he
reportedly ran mad today in Lagos Island. Below is
how the story is reported:
The young man (name withheld) according to
witness just packed his Range Rover SUV, jumped
out and started tearing his clothes. In no time, he
was totally undressed. Then he started moving
around the mainroad of Lagos Island snapping
himself with his iPhone and a cardboard held in his
No one could explain what befell him but it's
obviously not something natural. Some persons
around identified him as one of the yahoo boys.
Owan December…the secret things people do for
overnight riches and comfort.
– Why not be diligent in your work and pray fervently
for God's blessings? That's the right thing to do.


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