Sunday, 13 December 2015

Spectranet 4G LTE network, through its Chief Executive
Officer, David Venn, has said that the benefits of 4G
Long Term Evolution (LTE) outweigh 3G when it comes
to internet connectivity because 4G technology was
designed specifically for high-speed data.
He said 3G technology was designed to support voice
and data adding that this makes service delivery not
too efficient atimes as data capacity competes with
the voice capacity. This is even as The Head,
Compliance Monitoring, Nigerian Communications
Commission, NCC, Ephraim Nwokonneya, projected
that in few years' time, no one would be paying for
voice calls in Nigeria as it would be free as
broadband data service would have revolutionised
voice calls.
They disclosed this at the Africa Information
Technology Exhibition and Strategic Conference held
in Abuja recently.
David Venn, while revealing what makes 4G LTE stand
out, said, "In terms of spectrum efficiency, 4G LTE is
about many times more efficient than 3G so you can
get a lot more data down the same bandwidth. So,
for operators, you can handle much more data and
significantly improve the customer experience.
"If you look at 4G, it is a Long Term Evolution (LTE)
and it is going to evolve over time and in fact, it is all
designed for data. Actually there is no voice in 4G
LTE. So, voice is just a plus which only recently came
out as 'voice over LTE' but not yet deployed.


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