Sunday, 24 January 2016

Beninese Singer, Ella Martins is an ebony beauty that can never be missed in a crowd. She has her talents going and making ways for her, but her bum? Hey, that will make any man pee in their pants. She has been accused of having worked on it because they are so shapely and so proportionately captivating it is hard to imagine it is real.
ELLAMARTINSBut Ella has told anyone who cares to listen it is real.  She is something of an enigma. Behind those lovely eyes, smashing figure and cute bum lies a person you can never get to know too well. Here are ten things you never knew about her:
  1. She got married at the age of 14 to a German whom she plans to divorce soon.
  2. She’s really a Yoruba girl, both her father and mother are Yorubas; Father is Olayinka Martins and mum is Wulemat Fagbemi
  3. She grew up in Abidjan and France
  4. Apart from being a singer and an actress, she is also a visual artist.
  5. She has at one time dated an African President and Congolese singer, Fally Ipupa
  6. She has released four studio albums; First one is Shut Up, second one Electric, third one Rich Attitude and the fourth one is Success.
  7. Her major influence is Rihanna; she once said she inspires her. “We have a lot in common; she has talents, beauty and also possesses delightful sex appeals” she said
  8. Though she’s a very curvaceous woman with what you would call ‘bomb bum’, but she hates to have her boobs touched. ‘I can only show off my hips not my breasts’ she once said
  9. The only man she would love to be trapped in a desert with is Bill Gates
  10. What she can never do: “I cannot   go nude in a movie and   I won’t allow an actor touch my breast” she declared


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