Saturday, 30 January 2016

Four friends, Femi Olatunji, 17; Oyekanmi Rasheed,
18; Oladele Habib, 18 and John Alade, 16, are
currently chilling at the police net in Lagos, for
allegedly raping 14-year-old Habibat Adeolu (not
real names).
The men of the
Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Lagos State
Command paraded some suspected criminals
recently, Habibat said the friends threatened to kill
her if she told anybody about the incident.
Narrating her ordeal, the young girl who said she
had known Femi as her tailor, said she went to him
to have her dress mended when he and his friends
pounced on her.
“Femi had once told me he would want to marry
me and I told him I wasn’t interested. That
particular day, I had gone to his shop to give him a
dress to fix for me. He said Brother Abidoye (I used
to run errands for him) was calling me. I got to
Brother Abidoye’s room and I didn’t see him.
“At that point, Femi and his friends entered the
room, switched off the light and they raped me. I
tried shouting and calling for help but because they
had tied my mouth, I couldn’t shout very well.
“When they finished, my private part was paining
me. I had to tell my mother what happened. That
was when she alerted the police and the boys
were arrested,” she said.
However, the young men claimed they didn’t rape
her saying it was a consensual act.
Speaking to our correspondent, Femi said Habibat
has been his girlfriend for about a year and she
actually paid her for the sex they had.
“She is just lying against me. We have been dating
since last year. She is more than 14 years old. She
came to my shop that day and I suggested to her
that we should enter the room. She said I should
give her money. I asked her how much she wanted
and she said N1,000. I gave her and we went
inside and we had sex.
“My friends were outside. We couldn’t have held
her hand. A lot of people were even outside. If we
had forced her, people would have seen us. Her
dad even met me and asked if I would accept her
as my wife if she gets pregnant and I said I would
because she is my girlfriend. Her dad said I should
go because I didn’t have a problem. I have been
sleeping with her since because she is my
In his own defence, Oyekanmi said Habibat readily
agreed to have sex with him.
“We were at Femi’s place and she and Femi
entered the room. Later on, I entered the room
because I wanted to charge my phone. I didn’t see
Femi there but I saw the girl naked. She wasn’t
crying. So I told her I wanted to have sex with her
and she said I should go ahead.”
Oladele as well, insisted Habibat collected money
from Femi and also agreed to have sex with them.
“She was very comfortable with what we did. When
I got to the room, I told her she should allow me to
take my own turn and she readily agreed. Nobody
held her. People have been sleeping with her. This
wasn’t the first time. We all know her in our area.
She readily gives to anybody who asks for it.


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