Sunday, 31 January 2016


I grew up in Nigeria, Israel and Kenya. As a result,
I had a multicultural education which made me
inquisitive about people. One of my most
memorable experiences was visiting the Dead Sea
and also the presumed tomb that Jesus was
I fell in love with radio when I was in secondary
school in Kenya. I visited a radio station in Nairobi
and then I knew that I wanted to work in the
entertainment industry. I studied Communication
Studies in America. When I came back to Nigeria, I
saw the boom in the entertainment industry and
knew I wanted to be a part of it.
Mo’s Search competition
I attended the audition where I was chosen to
become a co-host on Moments with Mo. I felt
uncertain and overwhelmed by the whole
experience, but I had this deep conviction that no
matter the outcome of the competition, it was
God’s will. I was terrified, but I knew that I wanted
to win. It made me realise that no matter the fear
you have about achieving something, you should
still go after your dreams.
Within and outside my career, it is a challenge to
be a woman in Nigeria. I have been to hotels where
I am not allowed to sit at the lobby because it’s
considered inappropriate. My driving skills are
regularly criticised because I am a female driver
and people assume a man helped me attain my
material possessions. These are examples of the
gender-based discrimination that majority of
women face. In my career, I am blessed because I
have had very supportive employers who believe
in empowering young women and have created
opportunities for me.
I am extremely excited about my new project, On
the Carpet with Bolinto . It allows people to see a
different side of celebrities at red carpet events.
We always see the images of celebrities, but it is
nice to get snippets of who they actually are. We
ask those questions people have always wanted to
know the answers to. I thoroughly enjoy hosting
red carpets; it is always fun because I never know
the kind of responses I would get from my
I think competition is present in all career paths.
People talk about it more in the entertainment
industry because it makes for good gist. I have
surrounded myself with friends who are supportive
and excited for me when I get a new gig and vice
versa. We all deal with insecurities and from time
to time we are tempted to compare our success to
that of others. Emotions are only as powerful as we
allow them to be.
I am an outgoing, curious introvert. A lot of people
are surprised when I say I am an introvert,
especially because of my job but I enjoy times I
can spend alone. It allows me to read, think and
reflect on life.
It’s a slippery slope being a celebrity. I try as
much as possible to remain grounded. I constantly
remind myself that what I do is just a job and that
the popularity I get from it should not give me a
sense of fulfilment or validation.
I am not in a relationship, but I am single and ready
to mingle. The most important thing for me is being
with someone who is thoughtful and keeps his
word. God created marriage as union for two
people to learn the power of love, how to think less
about themselves and more about the other
person. A lot of people see marriage as distraction
from a flourishing career, but I believe that
whomever I marry will bring value to all areas of
my life and not be a hindrance to my career.
I love to read fiction novels. I read a lot on my
mobile device. I also enjoy writing poetry and
watching funny videos on Instagram. Social media
fascinates me. I am also interested in development
work and the non-government sector.
I am very versatile when it comes to fashion. I
dress according to the occasion. My typical fabric
choice is Ankara. I really love the colours, the
patterns and it is comfortable to wear in our
weather. My dressing is an expression of my
mood and how I feel on a particular day.


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