Sunday, 24 January 2016

Police on Saturday fired stun grenades and rubber
bullets at a group of foreigners who were protesting
against the death of a Nigerian national near
The scene was chaotic in the streets of Kempton
Park northeast of Johannesburg as police clashed
with protesting foreigners, witnesses said.
The protest took place after news emerged that a
Nigerian national was beaten up and suffocated to
death by police in a police van in Kempton Park.
Police however said the man overdosed on drugs he
swallowed as he was arrested.
Scores of people were injured in the clash with one
officer sustaining an injury to the head when he was
hit by a brick, witnesses said.
The Independent Police Investigative Directorate
(IPID) has confirmed the death of the Nigerian
national whose name was withheld. The IPID said it
is now investigating the incident.
Police said they have brought the situation under
The death of the Nigerian national was reminiscent
of police brutality that has happened before.
South African police were put under the spotlight in
2013 when a video showed police murdering
Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia by tying and
dragging him behind a police van.
A South African court later convicted eight
policemen of murdering the Mozambican driver.


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