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He is talented and blessed with a captivating voice. Since his debut in 2008 with an album, The Definition, Frank Ugochukwu Edwards simply known as Frank Edwards has carved a place for himself in the gospel music scene. With his consistency as an artiste of purpose, he has rightly earned the appellation of “Nigeria’s hottest gospel rock musician”.
Nicknamed Frank Rich Boy by fans, Edwards sits atop Rocktown Records, a  label that parades a crop of talented up and coming artistes. In this interview, he shares his childhood experiences, career challenges and marriage plans among others. Enjoy.
How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I am just a gospel evangelist who preaches the gospel through music. That is basically what I do.
How did your gospel music career start?
It started just as a child who loved God and loved music. That was all. It was not like I was from one wealthy family or something like that. All I had were God, my vision and passion for music. That was how it all started. It was all passion
and love for music. However, music is actually in my family. My father is a chorister till date. He is the church pianist; my siblings also sing very well but not professionally. My family loved music, I picked it up and I am here today doing
music professionally.
How do you get inspirations for your songs?
I am inspired by God’s words; I am inspired by the Holy Spirit. I also get inspired by the things I see happening around me, and I try to do songs to sort out particular situations. An instance is the act of terrorism currently going on in Nigeria and across the world. While meditating over the situation, God gave me a song that I am currently doing in collaboration with some local and international artistes such as Micas Tomplay, Nathaniel Bassey, Chavral Franklin, and  Don Moen among others. It is a world peace song and we are having voices from all over the world. We are currently recording the song and we intend to preach peace to the world through the project.
What was your upbringing like; did you find things rosy as a child?
I grew up in a very poor family. Life was very rough and tough. I don’t really have the right word to qualify such situation. It’s just that everything was not good. But the situation did not stop my vision; it
didn’t stop my desire to be great and do
great things. I just didn’t
allow my background to keep my back on the ground.
Such disposition helped me to push on no matter the situation I was facing.
What advice do you have for those who feel that the world has come to an end because of what they are going through?
My advice is that the world only comes to an end when you think so. All the problems, difficulties and impossibilities that you see around you are all a mirage. I believe that everybody can become meaningful in life. It may not be in music, it could just be something else.
But your ability to believe in yourself and your creator, even when nobody else believes in you or celebrates you, matters a lot. When you have nothing, your ability to stay through to your dream and vision goes a long way to tell God and even nature that you are ready for life. It is better than sitting down, folding your hands and complaining to everybody.
Are you married or Seriously thinking about marriage?
I am not married but marriage is in my plans.
As a successful but single artiste, how have you been coping with feminine pressure?
You know that many of those you are referring to are my fans, they love my music. If they love your music, they are your fans, and you cannot push them away when they come around you, okay?
But one has to use the wisdom of God to avoid them politely when one senses suggestive attitudes. But I must confess that it has been very challenging.
Will marriage make you heave a sigh of relief over the pressure from the opposite sex?
It would certainly save me from a lot of danger, pressure and what have you.
That’s what I feel. It is not really necessary to speak in details here.
How ready are you for marriage?
For me to have discussed the issue with you means it is something that I now feel like doing. I feel like I am ready for marriage mentally and spiritually.
When is the nuptial bell ringing?
Everything is in the hands of God. If not 2016 then it would happen early 2017.
Apart from the peace song you earlier talked about, should your fans look out for a new song or album this season?
Yes, I am cleaning up my next project, which will be out this year. The work will feature the likes of Don Moen, Micah Stampley and several other frontline international music stars. I have been working on the album for about four years and I am hoping that it would be my biggest album ever. The project is coming on greatly and I am happy with the direction it is going.


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