Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Dear Ade Atom,
I was stunned but overjoyed when I won a N2
million naira promo of one of the telecoms
companies months back. My name and pictures
were in the papers and a few days after my win,
my ex-fiancee got in touch and asked to see me
again. She was the one who broke off the
engagement two years ago and I was devastated
when it happened.
Now she’s told me she’d never stopped loving
me. I still love her and seeing her again has
brought back all the loving we shared. I’d like to
give our relationship another go but I have this
nagging feeling she only came back because of
the money. She didn’t mention my wind-fall and I
haven’t discussed it with her either. What do you
By e-mail. Dear Daniel,
Your fiancee’s sudden reappearance after two
years apart, and after your fortunes have
changed, sounds a bit dodgy to me. You didn’t
say why she left you or if any of the issues then,
hers and yours, have been resolved. I’ll advise
you to take things very carefully. In the
meantime, seek some financial advice, invest
your money and don’t do anything rash. If your
ex can prove in other ways that her change of
heart is genuine and not motivated by money,
then I wish you every happiness. But tread


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