Friday, 12 February 2016

Even though many people have already made plans of treating their significant others to good times on Valentine’s Day, popular singer, Essence, believes such people are only being childish. Essence Essence As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t believe in valentine Day. Hinting on how she’ll be spending the day, she said, “I will be in church that day loving my God. I’m not a loving-for-one-day kind of person. Anybody that only loves me for one day doesn’t truly love me. I don’t believe in this idea of wearing Red on one day and eating lots of cake and chocolate in the name of celebrating love. I’m a grown woman; only children wait for a particular day to celebrate love.” On the best Valentine’s Day experience she has ever had, Essence repeated, “Everyday is Valentine for me, so every day is the best as well. Besides, it’s a work day for me; I’m always working on Valentine’s Day.” Meanwhile, the ebony-hued songstress also revealed that she’s working on a movie titled, ‘Kumbaya’ at the moment. And that she will be working with lots of established and upcoming actors on the project.


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