Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Report has it that the boy, who has been named Hope was left for dead on the streets by his family, who thinks he is a witch. Hope survivied on the streets for eight months, feeding on scraps thrown at him by passers by. Fortunately, on January 31, Hope was rescued by a Danish humanitarian aid-worker, Miss Anja Ringgren Loven, who discovered him Unclad, emaciated, and wandering the streets with his body riddled with worms. Miss Anja, who has a Nigerian partner with whom she has a son, took Hope to the hospital where he was given a thorough bath. Thereafter Hope was treated of the worms and given blood transfusion to replenish his obviously depleted red blood cells. Already, Miss Anja who runs a children orphanage, has received donations to the tune of $1 million from donors from around the world after asking the community for fund to settle Hope’s medical bills. She’s hoping to build a hospital for neglected children like Hope besides giving Hope the best of treatment. See more stunning photos of baby Hope.


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